77% of office workers will not return to the workplace

According to a study conducted by Gallup, 53% of office workers expect a hybrid working arrangement and 24% expect to work exclusively remotely. This changes the recruitment dynamic, something Netwirking has adapted into their practices. Geographical restrictions which pre-Covid limited a candidate's eligibility for certain roles are no longer a limitation, meaning the talent pool is wider for our clients.

Talent migration post-Covid has been one of the biggest changes within recruitment in the 21st century. Being able to work for a company within your industry outside of your immediate geographical area or even outside of the country you live in, has opened up an array of career opportunities.

There are a number of factors which have impacted people's decision to seek new employment, including wanting a better work-life balance, feeling underappreciated by their employer and having time during lockdown to retrain or research new roles. 38% said they were looking for new opportunities as they felt stuck in their current job and they had a lack of progression (Robert Half Survey). 

40% of employees were preparing to look for opportunities with a new employer once the pandemic was over according to Microsoft Work Trend Index.


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The future of recruitment after Covid is exciting with new opportunities and even greater talent. We are presenting our clients with a more diverse pool of talent while matching our clients with life-changing opportunities.

Paul Grootendorst , CEO Netwirking